Night to Unite

Night to Unite 2023 IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY August 1, 2023 !

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Waite Park neighborhoods will join forces with communities statewide for the Night to Unite crime prevention event. Neighbors are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors. 

 Night to Unite is designed to

 -Meet new neighbors in your neighborhood or reconnect with current ones.

 -Build neighborhood involvement by bringing the police and the community together.

 -Bring awareness to crime prevention.

During Night to Unite events the police and fire departments visit neighborhoods bringing along fire trucks, police cars and giveaways. 

Neighbors enjoy visiting with each other and members of the police and fire departments. It is also a time to ask any questions about the departments, the City or your neighborhood. 

 Attention Night to Unite Neighborhood Hosts: 

If you register your neighborhood party before the registration deadline date you will receive a party pack to help get your party started! 

 Party Packs include supplies for up to 50 guests including cups, plates, napkins and silverware

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