Police Ride Alongs

The Waite Park Police Department does allow police observer ride alongs as our schedule allows.

If you are interested in riding along with a police officer you will first need to apply and pass a criminal background check. If your application is approved you will be notified by email. Your application will be valid for 1 year.

The following factors may be considered in disqualifying an applicant and are not limited to:
  • Being under 18 years of age
  • Prior criminal history
  • Pending criminal action
  • Pending lawsuit against the Department
  • Denial by an supervisor

The next step will be to set up a time to ride along. The police department has officers working 24 hours a day so we are usually able to accommodate any schedule. The police department allows 2 4-hour ride alongs per person.


  • Riders are not allowed to carry weapons while riding with an officer.
  • Riders are to remain in the vehicle unless allowed to exit the vehicle by the officer.
  • Riders are there for observation only. At no time should you initiate contact with someone or help at a scene unless instructed to do so by the officer.
  • Riders should dress appropriate for the weather.
  • Never dress in anything that would lead someone to believe you are a police officer. Please dress in a conservative manner and remember you are representing the Police Department while on a ride a long. A nice pair of jeans (no holes) or pants and a polo shirt would be appropriate for riders. Low cut shirts, jogging pants or tank tops are not allowed.
  • Any rider who shows up wearing inappropriate clothing will not be allowed to ride.
  • Officers have the right to refuse to allow riders when necessary.
  • For your safety, if the officer gets involved in a chase with a suspect you may be required to exit the squad car. Please have a cell phone with you.


You can complete the online application or you can print and submit the application below.