Adopt a Drain

We are pleased to announce that the city has implemented an “Adopt a Drain” program. This program allows Waite Park residents and businesses to adopt a storm drain and keep them clear of sediment, trash, yard waste and debris to help keep our waterways clean. Keeping storm drains clean protects waterways from polluted stormwater runoff that flows unfiltered from our streets into local waterways.

In addition to trash, road salt and chemicals, organic debris like leaves and grass clippings also threaten the health of our waters. Decaying leaves and grass that wash into storm drains release nutrients into lakes and rivers that feed excess growth of algae.

To create an account and adopt one or more drains, please click on the image below. Tips on how to be safe while cleaning the drains are provided.

Upon request, a welcome envelope containing a welcome card, letter, and a yard sign will be given out. Please contact the city’s water resource technician Adam Ritsche at for questions or a request of the welcome envelope.

To view the City's Adopt a Drain Brochure, click here.