Garbage Service for Private Homes

You must have your garbage and recycling out by 7 a.m.


Each property is limited to the use of a 65-gallon can. If your garbage output exceeds these limits, you must contact our refuse hauler to arrange for additional pickup. You will be billed for the additional pickup directly by the refuse company. The City and the Refuse Company will strictly enforce the 65-gallon refuse limit. There is no requirement regarding garbage bags.


The city contracts with a privately owned firm for refuse service.  You, the property owner, are not billed for this service - the cost is part of the general property taxes you pay.

Contact Information

The City contracts with West Central Sanitation for refuse and recycling service, they can be contacted at 800-246-7630


Garbage is picked up once a week starting at 7:00 am. For residences located North of Division Street, refuse is picked up each Tuesday and recycling is picked up every other Tuesday. For those residents South of Division Street, refuse is picked up each Wednesday and recycling is picked up every other Wednesday.

When an observed holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it may affect your pick up day, please refer to your refuse calendar for more details.

For questions, contact City Hall.

Calendar of Scheduled Pick-up Days for Refuse and Recycling