Policies & FAQs

What can I bring into the venue?

* One factory-sealed water bottle of up to 1 liter in volume per person
* Non-aerosol sunscreen and bug spray
* Non-professional cameras (no cameras with detachable lenses are allowed in)
* Small purses, bags, and drawstring bags (no backpacks allowed)

What can't I bring into the venue?

* No lawn chairs or outdoor furniture
* No tarps or blankets larger than a beach towel
* No outside food
* No recording devices
* No glass or metal containers
* No liquor or drugs
* No noisemakers or laser pointers
* No weapons of any kind
* No vehicles (except those required by people with disabilities)
* No animals (except service animals)
* No picnic baskets, lunch boxes or coolers
* No radios, tape and video recorders
* No BBQ grills
* No umbrellas
* No strollers and/or toys that create a disturbance
* No inflatable furniture
* No selfie sticks or GoPro cameras
* No chain wallets

* No hula hoops, poi or flow toys

* No tailgating in the parking lots



Per state laws and statutes, the private lessee is allowed to prohibit firearms within their rented occupied space{s). The private lessee may choose to ban firearms from the venue inside the area that is restricted to ticket holders/guests.  If they do so, the lessee may prominently post a conspicuous sign at every entrance to their occupied space(s) containing the following language:


What type of seating is provided?

* AirFlex Chairs are provided in the main seating area.  They have oversized 18” seats and can hold up to 1,000 pounds.   These chairs provide comfort and are designed to allow for air movement to provide sweat-free ventilation.  

  * Yes, you can bring a cushion to add to your comfort and a blanket no bigger than a beach towel.

AirFlex Chair

Where is the accessible seating located on your seating chart?

Please note that our seating is portable and may vary from event to event. This is a sample for your convenience. Please see the finalized seating chart on Ticketmaster for the event you are attending   Accessible seating will be designated on Ticketmaster's seating chart.

* Orange represents wheelchair accessible seating    * Teal represents limited mobility accessible seating

Sample Accessible Seating Chart

Do I need to buy a ticket for my child?

*Seated Events: Typically, children that do not need their own seat and will be sitting on an adult's lap in the age group of three years of age and under can attend an event at no charge if accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket. Please note that this may vary based on the type of event. Please contact us for details on a specific event. (Special note: The Beach Boys and 311 upcoming concerts will allow for children age 3 years old and under seated on an adult's lap to attend at no charge provided that the child in this age group is accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket.) 

*Non-seated Events: This may vary based on the type of event.  Please contact us for details on a specific event.