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19 13th Avenue North
Waite Park, MN 56387

Mobile Workshop will begin at 2 p.m.
Upper Level Conference Room Items will begin at 4 p.m.

The City Council will be touring two locations as part of their work session.  The details, locations, and approximate times are provided below.

Upper Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Tour Ron Euteneuer Building located at 512 3rd Street North Waite Park, MN

City Council members and staff will meet this location to tour Ron Euteneuer's building.  Ron has approached the City about the possibility of purchasing his building as he is interested in selling it.  The tour will give the City Council and staff an opportunity to see the building which will help later in determining whether or not the City would have any interest in purchasing it.  We anticipate that we will be at the site for approximately 30 minutes.

Tour Amphitheater Site located at 1700 Parkway Drive

The City Council and staff will meet at the Amphitheater construction site.  Staff would like to provide the City Council an update on the project and provide them an opportunity to see the progress of the project.  We will park at the public works facility located 67017th Avenue South Waite Park and meeting there at a approximately 2:45 p.m..  All individuals entering the construction site will be required to wear hard hats and safety vests.  No one will be allowed to enter the site without these items for safety reasons. These will be provided to everyone at the public works facility prior to entering the site. 

Police Officer Interviews

We have three final candidates for the City Council to consider for filling the two open positions we have in the police department.  We typically would bring one additional candidate for the City Council to interview but the fourth candidate on the eligibility list has already been interviewed by the City Council in the previous police officer hire so we did not feel it necessary to bring this candidate in at this time but can in the future if necessary.  We had 24 applications total.  Applications are available to be reviewed by the City Council upon request or right before the interviews on Monday.  The City Council will have the option to consider appointing up to 2 officer at the regular city council meeting on June 17th, 2019 if they so chose.

Great River Regional Library Needs Assessment Report

The Great River Regional Library has been working with many of the libraries within its service area to look at the needs of libraries in each community.  This study was completed on the Waite Park Library and the Great River Regional Library staff will be present to discuss the report with you and answer any questions you may have regarding this.  A copy of this report has been enclosed for your review.

Quarterly Review of Goals & Objectives

The City Council has requested to review the Goals and Objectives quarterly.  It will give them an opportunity to ask staff about projects and see where the City is at on items involving their department.  A copy of these goals and objectives, along with the capital improvement plan, and staffing plan will be provided to the City Council in a written format.  A copy of this is also available for the public to view at Waite Park City Hall. 

Ampitheater Follow Up & Naming of Park Facility Process

City Council and staff will discuss any follow up on the amphtieahter project and staff will answer any questions from the council on the project. 

Enclosed is a copy of a proposed facility naming process for the amphitheater park project.  Staff would like to discuss this with the City Council and determine the process and timeframe for the facility naming process.

Public Input

Public Input:  The City Council provides members of the public an opportunity to address the City Council with items they believe are relevant to the City of Waite Park.   Each member of the public will be allowed up to 2 minutes to speak.  City Council will not engage during this time and no action should be expected.  The City Council can determine if further follow up, discussion, or action is needed on any item brought up by members of the public.  During the regular scheduled meeting that will follow the public input, the Mayor will summarize the items discussed during the public input and ask the City Council whether they desire to have any follow up on items discussed during the public input. 


The City Council could choose to place the item on a future work session or city council agenda or could direct staff to research or follow up on any item discussed.