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 19 13th Avenue North
 Waite Park, MN 56387

Lower Level Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Monday, August 30, 2021

3:00 PM


Department Review with Supervisors & Review of Staffing Plan

Recommendations from the Culture Assessment included a meeting where Supervisors in the Police and Public Works Department could provide their perspectives on their respected departments.  Their focus will be to discuss their views on the current workplace culture and what they have focused their attention on moving forward.  In addition, Supervisors will provide their outlook on their departments as it relates to opportunities and challenges.  Once this has been completed, Department Heads will then share their staffing proposals that include a 5-year plan.  Council will have the opportunity to ask any questions and provide their thoughts on the plans.  This will then provide each department head with the ability to take these thoughts and considerations into finalizing their budget recommendations.  Department heads and Council will then meet on September 20th to discuss the overall 2022 budget.  

          3:00 PM:  Police Department Sergeants 

          3:30 PM:  Police Chief Staffing Plan Proposal

          4:00 PM:  Public Works Supervisor

          4:20 PM:  Public Works Director Staffing Plan Proposal

          4:45 PM:  City Administrator Administration Staffing Plan Proposal


Police Officer Interviews

The City Council will be interviewing final candidates for the position of police officer.  The council will have the ability to make conditional job offers if they so choose.


Park Board Interviews

The City of Waite Park has one opening on the Park Board.  We have advertised for this position and have received two applications for this position.  The City Council will interview these two candidates and determine which candidate will move forward.  The City Council may choose to appoint one of these candidates to this position at their council meeting that evening.