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Healthy Living Trail

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Full Body Workout Minus the Gym

Waite Park area residents can now get a complete workout without having to go to the gym.

New Exercise Stations

The City of Waite Park has completed a new “Healthy Living Trail” along the walk/bike path on 3rd Street North. The trail already provided a great cardio workout, but ten exercise stations have been added along the trail to further enhance your workout. The City consulted with Rejuv Medical to determine the best type of exercise equipment to install. The equipment that was selected is suitable for people of all ages and any fitness level. Pictures and instructions are provided directly on the equipment, so you can use it safely and effectively. The trail also features signage with information about the importance of exercise for your health and ways to reduce your risk of cancer.

Medicinal Flower Gardens

Another unique element of the Health Living Trail is the flower gardens which display various plants having medicinal qualities. These gardens were designed by Thomsens Greenhouse and Garden Center and a portion of the plants were donated by them, also. City employees constructed the planter boxes and many area residents volunteered their time to plant the gardens. Beautiful signage has been placed along the trail that gives information about the useful benefits of medicinal plants.

Getting Students Involved

The City also teamed up with the Minnesota School of Business and their Graphic Design Program students to develop the signs which have been placed along the trail. This was an exciting venture for everyone involved! The sign designs were the students’ final project for their coursework, so it gave them a wonderful opportunity to get real hands-on experience. The signs were then manufactured by Auto Trim, who also donated a portion of their costs.

In Honor of Harold P. Nelson

The Healthy Living Trail was created in honor of Harold P. Nelson, who donated funds for the path. Unfortunately, he passed away, after a battle with cancer, before he could see the completed project. The City wanted to further develop the trail with an emphasis on cancer prevention and living a healthy lifestyle. To maintain that philosophy, the Healthy Living Trail is a smoke-free trail.

Connecting to a Bigger Project

The Statewide Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) awarded the City of Waite Park a grant of $19,000 to be used for the Healthy Living Trail project. Parkland Dedication Funds were also used to cover some additional costs associated with this amazing project. The trail has been designed to eventually connect to the Lake Wobegon Trail, which would extend the currently 46-mile long paved hike-and-bike pathway.